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Ghizer District  is the westernmost part of the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Its capital is Gahkuch. Ghizer is a crossroads between Gilgit and Chitral via Shandur Pass, and also to China and Tajikistan via the Broghil Pass through Ishkomen Valley . Ghizer is a multi-ethnic district and three major languages Shina, Khowar, and Burushaski are spoken here by vast majority of people of Ghizer.   The word Ghizer came from the name “Gherz” which means “refugees” in Khowar.   Ghizer particularly Ishkoman, Yasin and Kohe Ghezr (Upper Ghizer) valleys are known as the heaven for Trekkers and famous for short and long distance, normal to technical and demanding trekking routes.  Ghizer district is one of the beautiful regions which is yet to be fully explored for national and international tourists.

Punial Valley

Being the District Headquarter of Ghizer,  Punial Valley, situated at the elevation of 5000-9000 meters,  has significant importance.  This valley is known for its oral history, folklore, visual culture, looming Hindukush mountains, verdant and sprawling villages, streams surrounded by lush pastures, gushing Gilgit River coursing through Punial valley and, of course, the hospitable people who live there.  Punial Valley consist of many beautiful villages like Sherqila, Japoke, Singal , Bubur and Ghakuch.  Punial is full of beautiful sceneries and landscape on the bank of Ghizer river. The tourists get impressed by historical buildings,  tourist spots and guest houses in these beautiful villages of Punial Valley.   

Phander Valley

 Phander valley is one the most beautiful places in Gilgit Baltistan. It is a 4-5 hours drive from Gilgit all along the Gilgit River.    The valley becomes lush green in summer. The slow flowing river through the centre of river surrounded by flat surface villages between high mountains makes this valley very unique. The Phander river is full of famous trout fish.  Phander Valley is a striking beautiful valley full of orchards and green fields with Gilgit River flowing through the center of the valley. Valley altitude varies from 2700 to 3200 meters above sea level.    Area around Phander town is relatively open and flat. Gilgit River has beautiful turquoise blue water in this area. Surrounding mountains are high, going up to 6500 meters. One would come across some of the most fascinating views in whole Gilgit Baltistan in the Phander Valley. Nowhere in Gilgit Baltistan could one witness such a slow flowing river with turquoise blue water at such a high altitude.  Phandar is an important destination on the route to Shandur, which is considered to be the world’s highest polo ground.   PTDC Motel at Phander is the best places to stay though there are few more average standard hotels. One needs prior reservation in PTDC Motels and rates are fixed.

Phander Lake

There is a beautiful lake at the eastern end of Phander. The lake is surrounded by beautiful tall and green trees which gives a unique green shade to the lake water. Only a small percentage of tourists visit this beautiful place because of information lacking and poor infrastructure.  Lake situated in the majestic Phander Valley of Ghizer district in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The Lake is an important source of fresh water and trout fish, fed by the Ghizer River.  

Locally known as “Nango Chatt”, the 44 meters deep crystal clear water of the lake is filled with grass and plants easily visible from a distance. The lake is surrounded by poplar trees that further add to the entire beauty. The curvy lake is sandwiched between two ridges that create a scenic view of the entire valley and the lake itself. One end of the lake is closed and the other is the major source of water passage from the river that keeps the lake water fresh.

Gupis Valley

Gupis is also popular for fabulous natural attractiveness like all other valleys of Biltistan. It is located in the west of Gilgit on the bank of River Gilgit and is about 112 km away from it. The valley is filled with magnificent sceneries and spectacular sights. The turquoise water of the valley flowing by the side of the road and is surrounded by fields and forests portray a charismatic look to the sight seers. A few distances away is Khatli Lake near to the valley of Gupis. Gupis valley encompasses numerous well-known tourists’ points such as Gupis fort, Khatli Lake, stones circles of megaliths, Shingalote village and many more. The valley is positioned 40 km away from Gakuch, Ghizer district. 

Yasin Valley

Yasin is one of the beautiful Valleys of Gilgit Baltistan. In addition to its beautiful landscape, it also has historical significance. Famous historical Mudoori fort is located in Sandi Yasin . It is connected to important history of attacks and wars by outsiders on Gilgit Baltistan.   Historical Yasin fort is also an important landmark and located in a beautiful place.  

Hot springs of Darkut can be converted into important tourist attraction by improving the road and infrastructure in the area.   Darkut pass and Thoi pass are two very important passes which attract tourist. There are many hiking and trekking areas in Yasin valley, which can be explored by avid trekkers and tourists.

Ishkoman Valley

Ishkoman is another beautiful valley of Gilit Baltistan. The geographical location of Ishkoman is very unique. It is bordering with Afghanistan and Central Asia via Wakhan corridor on one side and is also connected to Yasin valley and Chipursan valley in Gojal Hunza through high mountain passes. The road from Ghakuch to Immit is surrounded by beautiful landscape and scenic beauty. The eye catching beauty of rivers, mountains and lakes of Ishkoman valley has no comparison.  There are five possible treks from the Ishkoman River through Phakora across the 4,600-metre Naltar Pass, 55 kilometres long, restricted-zone trek to the Chipursan valley, Koz Sar 6,677 metres, Chillinji Pass 5,291 metres and Karumber Pass 4,343 metres. The Ishkoman Pass is well used by locals going to Darkot or upper Chitral, but the route is narrower, higher, less scenic and less populated than the Asumbar Pass.

The region is known for the production of a fine quality of apricots. The fruit grows in abundance in various villages notably in Pakora, Dain, Chatorkhand and Immit. Of these, however, the apricots of Immit are most valued and consumed.   The hot spring of Immit is invariably filled with locals and people from nearby villages who come to take a bath in the hope of receiving healing from the waters. People of Pakora, Dain and Ishkoman villages frequently come to the spring along with their family and sometimes stay a night there. Separate rooms have been built for men and women.

Stunning untouched exquisiteness of the area is great attraction for tourists who prefer less crowded places with utmost natural beauty.

Ghizer valley has unique tourist destinations because of its biodiversity, beautiful mountains, green valleys, amazing mountain treks, beautiful fresh water lakes and peaceful hard working people. It is a multi-destination valley with variety of attractions for national and international tourists.