“Cherry Blossom Season” in Pakistan

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For a short time of about couple of weeks, a mesmerising spectrum of colours spreads all over the northern Pakistan from Gilgit, Phandar, Bagrot valley, Kargah, Nagar and lastly to Skardu valley. Above all, Hunza and especially the town of Karimabad that are most famous for its panoramic outlook in the season called “Cherry Blossom”.
After the winter season’s windy days and chilling nights, there comes the prelude to spring called Cherry Blossom season commencing from 15 March and ending by 30 April for about 6 weeks. During this period white and pink cherry blossom trees everywhere my eyes could see. It was truly a sight to behold!
First week of April is probably the best time to visit these valleys. Due to still less temperature, these valleys are still not that much crowded and one can enjoy the beauty of nature with peace of mind. Every year, many tourists travel to Karimabad and surrounding areas to witness the wonderful view of cherry blossom of white, pink and green colours. In Hunza Valley, the colourful cherry blossom trees are present everywhere to make the stunning landscape even better. Some of the best places for great photo opportunities of cherry blossom in Hunza include Rakaposhi foothills, Altit & Baltit Fort, outskirts of Karimabad & Gulmit and the 1000 years old settlement of village Ganesh.
Next Cherry Blossom season of Hunza is just a month away. Make your mind, pack your gear and get ready for most exciting experience of your life.

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