Gorakh Hill

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Gorkh Hill is located at the bordering region of the Province of Sindh and Balochistan of Pakistan on Kithar Range of mountains. The place is located at the elevation of 1734 meters above sea level and is 425 kilometers away from the City of Karachi. It’s distance from the city of Dadu is 94 kilometers in the direction of south east.
The average temperature of this place remains within the range of 5 to 20 degrees centigrade, however, during night in winter may fall below or close to zero degree. The best time to visit Gorakh Hill is February and March.
Tourist who come from Karachi for a day/night trip commence their journey early in the morning before sun rise. After travelling for couple of hours, they take their breakfast at the city of Sehwan. Due to frequent visitors, the standard and presentation of breakfast is good and tourists usually get a happy surprise once they consume locally made Aanda Pratha with hot cup of tea.
After reaching the place Wahi Pandhi, which is kind of base camp of Gorkh Hill, tourists have to shift to 4×4 jeeps as the climb is steep and normal cars cannot coup up with the road conditions. Its takes further 2.5 hours to reach Gorakh Restaurant & Summer Huts where tourists usually camp or stay. Lunch is served or consumed here. After some rest, tourists either climb on foot or ride their jeeps to the Zero Point or Benazir View Point. This is the real prize of all the hassle which is breathtaking view of surrounding hills and entire area. Nowhere in Sindh, could such a mesmerizing scene be seen by a visitor or tourist. The view of sun set from this point is unique and magnificent.
After sunset, tourists gather again at camping area or in huts to have some rest. At night during sumptuous dinner, musical performance of local folk musicians and singers adds additional value. After dinner, tourists join the artists around bonfire and enjoy as long as they could stay. Even some spend considerable time gazing star once every other activity is over.
After spending a peaceful night, early morning after breakfast tourists leave Gorkh Hills with beautiful memory to cherish in times to come.

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